3M FUTURO Brand Adult Arm Sling 成人手臂吊带 轻微强度 均码 一只装

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成人手臂吊带 轻微强度 均码 一只装

The FUTURO™ Adult Pouch Arm Sling lends a helping hand, keeping your arm in the optimal position while you mend your injured wing. An adjustable, padded shoulder strap supports a cradling pouch for a comfortable, personalized fit that holds your arm in place to minimize motion. Featuring a convenient buckle at the strap that’s easily manageable with one hand, the FUTURO™ Pouch Arm Sling lets you comfortably go about your day on the road to 100%.


  • Provides mild support for sprains and post-surgery recovery
  • Cradle design takes weight off your arm to help reduce fatigue
  • Breathable materials allow air to circulate and help keep skin dry
  • Comfort Pad cushions the shoulder bone and muscles
  • One-hand, quick-release sleeve for easy on and off
  • Customizable strap provides personalized comfort
  • Convenient design can be worn on either arm
  • Size: Adjustable
  • Color: Gray