Preferred 1st-Wrist Wrap for Arthritis - One Size 手腕带 均码

0.02 lb

专为舒缓温暖和舒适而设计。均码。用于治疗关节炎,运动损伤和反复劳损。一系列新的保温支架,旨在帮助关节炎关节症状,运动和反复劳损的自我管理。提供支撑和暂时缓解疼痛的肌腱和关节。与传统的热疗不同,ThermaDry3是一种舒适,经久耐用的热疗产品。 类型:手腕,拇指,手指 款式:裹身 特点:不含乳胶

Designed for soothing warmth and comfort. One size fits most. For treatment of arthritis, sports injuries, and repetitive strain. A new line of heat retaining supports designed to help with self-management of arthritic joint symptoms, sports and repetitive strains. Provides support and temporary relief of painful tendons and joints. Unlike traditional heat therapy, ThermaDry3 is a comfortable, longwearing, go anywhere heat treatment.

Type: Wrist, Thumb, Finger

Style: Wrap

Feature: Latex Free